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by unfa

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Frederick thumbnail
Frederick This album bumps the rhythm of freedom. Best ever ambient music for coding at home. Favorite track: Overheat.
Trev thumbnail
Trev It's EDM for open source nerds. What's not to love? It's quirky, fun, groovy, it rocks and is unapologetically synthetic. Favorite track: Anti-Feature.
combustiblelemonade thumbnail
combustiblelemonade Interesting music, well-programmed synthesizers, and a sense of humor in the lyrics make this a very enjoyable and interesting album to listen to. Favorite track: Anti-Feature.
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Zynthetic 04:32
Anti-Feature 03:28
Stomia 04:53
Bristol 03:07
Overheat 03:59
Sincerely 01:31
Rebooting 04:41
Riddle 03:59
Mumbling 03:07
Rest 02:30
Polyrhythms 02:44
Soul Link 02:26


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Get LMMS project files (with 2 extra unreleased tracks!)

With this album I'm blending various styles of modern electronic dance music with musically richer inspirations like baroque and jazz. There's even some hard-rock feeling in "Overheat" and "Mumbling", even though there are no electric guitars used.

Heavy drum&bass and dubstep vibes interleave here with a bit of chiptune and ambient even.

I like music that is hitting hard (not to the point of being painful though), yet delivers interest beyond that. I like rich harmony and a bit more complicated song structures than just "intro, drop, breakdown, second drop, outro" over and over. If you feel that a lot of EDM is a bit repetitive and boring, you'll probably find this album to be a much richer experience. If you're fine with minimal techno and trance vibes this might be an information overload. I guess you'll enjoy this especially if you have some appreciation for classical music ("Sincerly"). I try to pick my favorite things that happened in music over the centuries and blend them into a cohesive mix, that has a lot of flavors in it.

This is the first album to contain vocal samples taken from my YouTube videos ("Anti-Feature", "Quite A Lot Of Bass").

While mastering the album I've settled down on -14 LUFS integrated level for the whole thing, which is leaving plenty of room for the drums to smash, while having enough volume to properly blast away even on mobile devices (but not to the level of being painful). I think that modern EDM would gain a lot from leaving more headroom in, and I want to proof that with my music. Without it, it lacks a lot of punch and clarity.

As usual - I've synthesized almost all sounds (even drums) from the ground up. There's one track ("Tito, The Lost Cat") that uses acoustic drum samples that I recorded myself using a Perl drumkit during a band home-recording session, but they are only supporting the main body of synthesized drums anyway - everywhere else the drums are fully synthesized.

This album was entirely created using open-source software under GNU/Linux operating systems. Specifically:

LMMS - for the sequencing and mixing,
Ardour - for recording vocals, editing and mastering,
ZynAddSubFX - for 90% of the sound synthesis,
ARSS - for creating sounds from images,
Inkscape - for drawing images for ARSS, for cover art and font design,
Blender - for the cover art 3D components, and album mix visualiser animation and compositing,
Natron - for cover art compositing,
Linux Mint - my operating system of choice,
KDE5 - my desktop environment of choice,
KX Studio repositories - for getting the audio software.

I'd like to thank everyone who provided me with feedback and supported me during the production of this album. Big thanks to all who have bought the album digitally or physically during Sonoj Convention 2017 and to all my Patreon subscribers!

- unfa


released November 3, 2017




unfa Warsaw, Poland

I am a composer, electronic music producer and a vocalist, creating eclectic EDM - merging different styles of bass-heavy electronic music with a bit of rock, jazz and classical influences. I aim to create music that'll make you dance, but will also be rich and interesting enough for you to just sit down and admire. I'm exclusively creating with open-source software and Linux. ... more

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